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Bozeman Brewing Company 47.3kW

“Bozeman Brewing has always thought of ourselves as being sustainably oriented. The real issue was the details and the costs. It had to make sense from a financial perspective as well as an environmental one. We are a for profit corporation and our main job as such is to make money. That being said, we have always been sensitive of our place in the community. We want to be good neighbors and part of the greater good.

When Harvest Solar approached us in early summer of 2015 with the idea of putting up Bozeman’s largest solar array, we were intrigued but unclear of the details and how we could pull this off.

With guidance from Harvest Solar and Thunderbird Development, we were able to obtain a USDA “REAP” grant and guarantee financing from our bank to begin the project.

Looking over our historic energy use from our power bills they were able to show a 30% to 40% reduction of our energy dependence on the power company. They were also able to show a 7 to 8 year ROI. This is generally outside my comfort zone for an ROI, but with the solar panels having a 25 year guarantee, this meant that we would have 17 or 18 years of free power. The fact that energy costs will not be decreasing for the foreseeable future made this decision a no brainer.

I look forward to sunny days, power savings and working with Harvest Solar and Thunderbird Development on future projects.” – Todd Scott, Owner