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Bulls Eye Ranch 41kW

Ranching in Montana is a way of life, and a vital part of the state’s economy. For this solar electric system, the Bulls Eye Ranch in Laurel, Montana received a USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Grant. The grant  will help ease operating costs and allow them to continue their focus on providing high quality beef for Montanans.

REAP helps grow American energy independence by increasing the private sector supply of renewable energy and decreasing the demand for energy through energy efficiency improvements. Over time, these investments can also help lower the cost of energy costs for small businesses and agricultural producers.

For many ranchers, choosing to get their electricity from the sun is a natural fit.  A life spent raising cattle or harvesting crops keeps ranchers in tune with the natural rhythms of our environment. Just as they harvest crops and raise cattle under the Big Sky, the Bulls Eye Ranch now produces their energy the same way.