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Harrison School District 3.85kW

Northwestern Energy has shown a commitment to educating communities about the benefits of renewable energy through their E+ Renewable Energy Program. Each year Harvest Solar has the opportunity to partner with community organizations to procure grant funding for solar electric systems that benefit the community through education and outreach.

Located at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains, the Harrison Public School was able to use the E+ Program to install this 3.85kW array. This system helps ease operating costs while also educating the students about how solar power works.

With real-time monitoring, the faculty can integrate this system into classroom activities and allow the students to watch the solar array produce electricity and power their classroom. Harvest Solar was pleased to visit with the students and discuss the system and how solar energy works. The conversation was lively and the questions posed by the students incited a meaningful discussion about how they will see more and more of this technology in the future.