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Welcome to Harvest Solar MT

Based in Bozeman and Billings, Montana, we are a locally owned company committed to providing customized quality experiences for business and homeowners seeking solar electric solutions. Come learn some information about Harvest Solar and our experience in the field.

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Why Solar?

  • Energy Independence
  • Increased Home Value
  • Sound Financial Investment


Take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit and up to $1000 in MT state tax credit. Where applicable there may be utility grants available as well. The cost of Solar has been reduced over 25% in the last few years alone.

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Let us visit your home or business and create a customized bid for you. Together we can come up with a plan that will suit your needs and budget.
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Kyle and Brad were very helpful and responsive in designing and installing a solar system in my home. I was very impressed with their timeliness throughout the process. From receiving the initial bid to final installation, everything was done faster than I expected. Great company with great customer service and reliability.

Ben Goodhard | Home Owner

The Harvest Solar team was efficient, professional and did a thorough clean-up upon completion of the project. They were easy to work with, knowledgeable and prompt in responding to questions. We will definitely hire them again for our next solar installation.

Alex Blake | Blake Nursery

When Harvest Solar approached us in early summer of 2015 with the idea of putting up Bozeman’s largest solar array, we were intrigued but unclear of the details and how we could pull this off. The fact that energy costs will not be decreasing for the foreseeable future made this decision a no brainer. I look forward to sunny days, power savings and working with Harvest Solar on future projects.

Todd Scott | Bozeman Brewing Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about hail damage?
  • Panels are rated to 1” diameter hail at 50mph.
  • Homeowners add their system to their insurance with a very minimal bump to their premium. About a dollar a month in most cases although each coverage is different.
  • If your panels break in the hail then you are certainly going to need a new roof. Adjusters will include the price of take-off and re-install when they assess the damage to your roof.
What kind of maintenance do they require?
  • The beauty of grid-tied solar is that it is plug and play. With no moving parts once a system is installed it will produce with no maintenance.
  • While rain and snow help to clean dust and grime from the panels for the best possible performance cleaning the panels from time to time is not a bad idea. For homeowners who are not comfortable accessing their roof Harvest Solar offers a very reasonable panel cleaning service.
If the power goes out, will I still have electricity?
  • Most Grid-Tied Systems do not have batteries therefore have no way of storing their electricity. Therefore if the grid goes down so does their home power.
  • Harvest Solar can design a Battery-Backup system for people that will allow them to provide power for critical loads such as well pumps and refrigerators if the client is concerned about power-failures.
  • New technology now allows homeowners to have the option for emergency power during power outages. As long as the sun is shining you can access up to 1,500 watts of power from your Solar Array.
  • With reliable power and infrequent outages many customers in the Gallatin Valley do not need this type of back-up power and therefore do not need to pay the associated costs that these systems require.
Shouldn’t I wait for prices to go down?
  • Panel prices have found their bottom line. After decreasing significantly over the past four years there is really not much lower they can go.
  • While the government incentives are available until 2016 there is no guarantee that the utility incentives will stick around.
  • Just last year the Montana legislature attempted to over-turn net-metering, which would have made a solar investment very difficult. However customers that already had net-metered systems were to be grandfathered in. While the future is bright for solar the current prices and incentives make now an optimal time to buy.